Kindred Souls – Rigging

So recently picked up some rigging/animation for a group working on a project called Kindred Souls which is a Persona inspired RPG game.

Rigging hasn’t been too bad so far, haven’t run into any impossible troubles. Finally finished. Hoping issues won’t pop up during animation but some usually do.

I rarely do hair rigging and I wasn’t sure if using joints + hair curves would work in Unity so I did a manual FK rig. Ran a little test and it seems to work fine.



Isolated head is also working as it should. If you don’t understand the purpose of an isolated head, it’s utilizing the idea that humans generally try to keep their head straight as they move. This way you won’t always be trying to counter-animate every small movement the body makes, but when the body makes drastic movements you’ll be animating on a free head instead of animating while fighting rotations from the body.



And finally, good old IK/FK switch. Every animator/rigger knows what this is. “Inverse Kinematics” & “Forward Kinematics”.


The hardest thing in all of this was probably face rigging. I don’t do it enough and it’s really easy to break the face.

I take no credit for the modelling of this character. 3D modelling was done by Hamza Malik and Nebojsa Radunovic.

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