About Me/Contact

David Keodara
Game Animator/Rigger
Sydney, Australia

Currently working as a 3D Animator at Mode Games.
Also working at Spectre Studios as extra technical animation help.
Worked casually at Vantage Interactive as a Junior Animator.
Graduated with a Bachelor of Creative Arts in Game Design at JMC Academy.
Graduated from AIE in 2012 with an Advanced Diploma in Game Development specialising in Art.

Specialising in game animation and rigging, my long term dream goal is to do animations for a popular RPG. Then play it. Then execute a cool finishing animation. Then say, “Dayuuuum. I made that.”

Software Experience:
Autodesk Maya
Unity Engine
3ds Max (Basic)
Perception Neuron Axis
After Effects
Sony Vegas Pro
3D Coat

Hobbies include games and anime as I tend to draw my animation-inspiration from those things.

Enquiries? Email me at:

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