Pokemon – Umbreon Rigging

So after finishing my classes back in May I’ve been taking a breather and also due to health reasons but I’m feeling a lot better these days. Decided to check up on my rigging and animation skills but I wasn’t sure what to do and if I should make a character from the ground up or source a character from the net.

I was watching a new Pokemon episode at the time and thought “I wonder if anyone’s made any Pokemon models that I could use (and of course credit)” and bam! I found out that GameFreak uploaded all their official models for people to use!! I’ve never rigged a quadrupedal creature before so I decided to give that a shot.

So here it is, just finished the joints on this custom rigged Umbreon. All the controls and bones are mine, but the model and texturing is official GameFreak stuff. Just got skinning left and to come up with animations. If this works out well, I might do other Pokemon.


After some skin testing, realised that the back legs weren’t anatomically correct. So had to pull some major fixes. Troubling thing is I’ve never rigged these kinds of legs before so hoping this works…



Pokemon is Copyright Gamefreak, Nintendo and The Pokémon Company 2001-2015.
Pokemon 3D files downloaded from ROEStudios at http://roestudios.co.uk/project/3d-pokemon-models/

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