MOG Soldiers – Project Summary Report / GAME LINK

Though I felt things went as expected as a student project goes, I think everyone learnt something valuable a long the way. While I personally felt some other initial ideas thrown around about what game to create might have turned out better, I’m not dissatisfied at all with the outcome of this project. Though there was slight trouble about workload and motivation, I expected such things early on and these phases are normal.

Things that could’ve been better.

I felt that we should’ve had better communication across the board. This is very important in making quick changes or getting visual ideas across. The lack of that made everything a bit disjointed and hard to work around but we managed to still work it. It would’ve also been good if the group wasn’t so split, but I guess that comes with the communication aspect.

Things that worked out

What I’m most satisfied about is the skill range for some of us in our specialisations. My biggest fear in group projects through experience is some people not knowing what they want to do in the field so you have 2-3 people wanting to default to modelling/texturing or 1 guy doing something out of his league. I think our group set worked out well for the most part which I consider something rare.

In the end, while I wish motivation levels and workload were more equal across the board, that to me is ideal thinking but considering what we could’ve become, I think this worked out well.


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