About me and my goals.

Regardless if you’ve read up on my profile or not, you should know I am a student at AIE Sydney (Academy of Interactive Entertainment). This is a two year course and I am well under way into the second year. It was required of us to make a forum thread/blog/some sort of thing to track our work so I chose to blog and here it is :P. At the moment we’re given the choice to specialize either character modelling or game animation, and I chose game animation.

Anyways I wasn’t too keen on this blog stuff but I’m starting to think it may be a good idea in the long run, but I guess we’ll see how it goes. At the moment I don’t expect much people to follow this but I will try and post things related to what I want to do as much as possible. Even if not much people follow this, I can easily use this as an addition to my resume at the end of the year which sounds like a good bonus to me lol.

So while the character modellers are well under way/finished with their concepts I’m not too sure about what to do as I’ve been learning Auto Desk Motionbuilder and have been rigging some stuff. So while I can’t show anything (yet) I figured I might as well put something up as just words in this post would be boring and I think people like visual things.

I do not take credit for anything except the animation. The character was made by Kiran.

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