The Run


Anyone getting into animation has most likely done (or attempted) a run cycle. Probably one of the more harder things to nail along with walking because we’re so used to seeing it real life. We know when a run looks off and will continuously correct it again and again.

Surprisingly, you would think animating unrealistic movements would be harder such as jumping around at extreme speeds or acrobatic fight scenarios. I personally think it’s the more fundamental animation that is harder. I’ve been in this industry for about 3 years now and run/walk cycles still take the longest to do.

I personality haven’t animated a run/walk for a long time until recently. Simply because they’re so finicky and unfortunately they’re not exactly exciting either. I’d rather be spending that time animating a back flip or something.

Anyways, I thought this turned out alright so I figured I’d post it.

Also here are some tips for you beginners:
Turn those hips.
Swing those clavicles.
Watch out for the knee jerking.
Use reference.

Really nothing more needs to be said. Also use motion lines if your software has it. Animation mostly abides by “arcs” anyway so you should be using them already!

Rigged using Maya HumanIK
Character modelled by Brandon Hon

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