AnimVR – Animating in Virtual Reality

So I haven’t posted in awhile due to work but I’ve been messing around in VR and discovered something… well, pretty much mind blowing. This is mostly for animators but I recommend any artist with VR equipment give it a shot.

If you didn’t know already, there’s a few apps out for VR that let you express your inner artist. Right now the most popular ones (in my opinion) are Tilt Brush and Quill. There’s also Oculus Medium for 3D sculpting but that’s probably a more specialised field for either working professionals or 3D hobbyists. For awhile, I always asked myself, where’s something for the animators?

I’m aware Quill has animation features but wouldn’t it be great to have something worked from the ground up specifically for animation? So I did some random google browsing and my god. Turns out it actually is a thing and it’s called AnimVR. Unfortunately there wasn’t a download link anywhere so I applied for a beta key and was pretty happy when I got one.

Depending on how the VR platform does, this very well could be a game changer. Making an animation in Maya, importing it into Unity and seeing it in VR was one thing that blew my mind but this is a new level. You can now paint the space in front of you, press the trigger for a new frame and see the onion skin in 3D space. It’s really bizarre… but also satisfying. I almost feeling like I’m giving a performance of some sort as I animate.


This is what I ended up with after a lot of interface stumbling and re-painting. As for how long something like this took, about 4 2-hour sessions. Had to break it up since I can’t stay in VR for too long so I’d do a bit then do a bit more a different day.

For more on AnimVR:


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