Animation – “Udabah” Running

Updating has been pretty slow lately because of trying to find work to actually post up. I’m doing animations for a game called “Empathy” and I want to wait for the next demo release to update this blog with it, despite doing dozens and dozens of animations already.

Anyways while I finished this running animation while ago, I’ve been taking a break from Shadow World and trying to slowly ease back into it. I was asked to do some playblasts of Udabah with textures but then I came up with the idea of imitating a 3rd person game with the camera. I don’t think it came out too bad actually…

Udabah Running

Udabah Running with 3rd Person Camera

Udabah Running with 3rd Person Camera + Camera Shake Effect

I personally think it looks a lot better in the camera shake. I might have put too much but it was just to give an idea and a comparison of this effect and what it could potentially do in-game.

My work was the rigging/skinning and the animation. I do not take any credit for the modelling or the textures.

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