The New Year

So it’s 2013, I’ve graduated, and it looks like I haven’t blogged for awhile. Decided to take a small break before going back to doing things. Still unsure whether to look for contract work or go freelancing and look for clients… been looking up on articles about payment when it comes to freelancing, and also tips in regards to work ethic and whatnot. Even looked up international freelancing in the case of there not being enough jobs in Sydney. There seems to be quite a few obstacles in that sense like language barrier, timezones and currency conversion.

Whatever I decide on, I can only hope it goes well and that I can avoid as much problems as I can.

Would also like to post up my sword animation that I did during college to kill some time lol. This was inspired from playing too much RPG games and things of the like.

This is also a portfolio of what I’ve made last year as a student. Still have to get better at my animation fundamentals.

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