Independent Research Assignment

So apparently I need to blog an outline of my upcoming assignment which involves students picking a specific topic to do a research assignment on. This specific topic I’ve chosen is the on-going debate of Key Frame animation vs Motion Capture animation. I’ll be covering various points about both sides and relating them to both film and game.

– What is Animation?
– Importance of Animation
– History of Animation
– Examples for past and present (both film and game)

Full Body
– Importance
– Standard Animation sets for game (idle, walk, run, etc)
– Types of Animation – Motion Capture and Key Frame
– Uses for Motion Cap:
– Realistic animation for film and game
– Uses for Key Frame:
– Stylised animation for film and game
– When to use Motion Cap and when to Key Frame
– Pros and cons for both

Facial Expression
– Importance
– Technology for facial Motion Cap
– Using Key Frame

– Equality of both, and their uses.

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