Animation Update

Finally finished lots of work, that means lots of animations! So here they are – also trying out gifs to see if they’re better or not.

If you want the gif to play instantly rather than lag, just click on the gif to view it straight from the source.

Jumping down 2m roll:

Sliding into cover (should have made block a different colour….):

Rolling over cover:

Death #1:

Death #2:

I would also like to introduce “Mere” a little girl who will be fighting various monsters in an upcoming game. Majority of her animations are made by me and will be blogged in the near future (meaning in the next few days). I do not take credit for the modelling, texturing, or the design of Mere. Only Animation.

Though I’ve done about 60~ animations for Marv, I just picked the ones I liked better to blog on here. Mere does not have as much, but I’ve put more effort into them – quality over quantity. Plus I don’t think she even needs 60 animations…

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